Whether you have one hour or ten hours to spare, we can use your help! We are looking for volunteers to contribute to our program committee, communications team, and event activities! 

Volunteer with TEDxLincoln

A volunteer from local startup Bulu Box teaches a young lady how to code at TEDxYouth@Lincoln 2014.

We’re looking for some dedicated folks to help plan and produce TEDxLincoln 2016. Our event is scheduled for Friday, September 23 and we’ll be at Kimball Recital Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus.

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Why Volunteer?

TEDxLincoln is completely run by volunteers. That’s right, we have no staff, every one of us is volunteering to help bring great ideas to Lincoln and Nebraska. If you’ve felt inspired when watching a TED or TEDx talk online or in person, that same inspiration grows exponentially when you become part of a live TEDx event. Won’t you help us drive TEDxLincoln, one of Nebraska’s premier events by volunteering to help?

We have a variety of events, some leading up to the event and others on the day of the event including talent coordinator, social media coordinator, stage manager and lunch coordinator.

Benefits include:

What’s the commitment?

Being part of TEDxLincoln is a serious commitment. If you do volunteer, whether it’s for the leadership committee or for the day of the event, please remember that the commitment is real and that we will depend on you for at least the following:

Volunteer Opportunities

How do I volunteer?

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