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2017 - What Now?

Interactive Salons Category Descriptions
Human Foosball Active Activity Exactly what it sounds like. Because smacking a ball back and forth is so much more fun when it's life sized.
Yoga/Meditation Active Activity Need a little break? Learn how to release stress and zen-out with a short session of movement and meditation
Unboxing Active Activity This is a "must-do" activity! Getting at the heart of who we are and how we can make surprising connections with one another, find out how to redefine the "boxes" we put ourselves and each other inside.
Who Am I? Active Activity What is your science identity? Pick up a card when you check in and create your own.
Indigo Bridge Bookstore Exploration One of the coolest bookstores in Lincoln is setting up shop here! Come check them out!
The Excellence Project Exploration An art installation created by Lincoln High art students representing many forms.
Girls Who Code Exploration It's easy to code - find out just how easy with this short demonstration and chance to do it yourself!
Photo Booth Hands- On Capture a memory of your time here, by taking home a bunch of fun photos!
Half-Baked Mad Libs with NMotion Accelerator Hands- On Can you come up with a company concept with only a noun and a verb? GO!!!!
Dotconnector Storytelling Hands- On Find ways to tell the story of a cause that is meaningful to you....with a card game!
Identity Button Creation Station Hands- On Button, are making a button....that represents YOUR identity
Interactive Question Art Wall Hands- On Keep the conversation going! Share your perspective on the speakers' talks on our sticky note wall!
Can You Save the World? Hands- On We can all do our part. Find out the real scoop on what every day choices make a difference - test your knowledge!
Virtual Reality Gaming Hands- On Get a taste of Virtual Reality. This up-and-coming way of viewing media, is truly an other-worldly experience!
Speaker Lounge Meet the Speakers! Come talk to the speakers! This is your chance to ask questions, make conversation, and further explore the topics that intrigued you.
Food Salons Recreation Need some food to fuel your brain? Come on over to the Food Salon and have some fun with our famous Inspriational Bananas

TEDxYouth@Lincoln 2017 Volunteers

Program Team

Shaun Harner, Adult Chair
Sasha Sepahpur, Youth Chair
Landon Beard
Jake Cockson
Ashley Delacastro
Kiley Kahler
Carter Knopik
Patsy Koch-Johns
Maddy Koebernick
Avinash Nooka
Avni Srivastav
Tessa Stolz


Speaker Coaches


Patsy Koch-Johns, Chair
Jan Bretz
Inonge Kasaji
Bonnie Brown 
Brian Mikkelsen
Michelle Stewart

Cooper Christiancy
Sam Colwell
Lilia Fromm
Emmey Mikkelsen
Jackson Mikkelsen
David Ryan
Ethan Vanneman

Mattison Merritt
Hunter Radenslaben

Logistics/Interactive Activities

Shannon Harner, Adult Chair
Emma Harner, Youth Chair
Aakriti Agrawal
Jen Gruber
Maddie Koebernick
Avinash Nooka
Ashley Delacastro
Sasha Sepahpur
Ethan Vanneman
Tessa Stolz
*Special thanks to Interactive Volunteers: Lory Dance, Michelle Welch, Amy Draper Gagner, Ava Gagner, Michelle Fonk, Megan Elliott, Matt Waite, Julia McQuillan Beth McKeon and NMotion, Avinash Nooka, Ethan Vanneman, Aja Martin and Indigo Bridge Books, Yvonne Meyer, Alisa Heinzman and Girls Who Code, Kiley Kahler and Northeast's Theatre Dept. 


Technical Director – Ben Koch
Theatre Directors – Molly Thomas, Justin Holbein
Production/TV Director - Randy Bretz
Asst. Production Director - Sasha Sepahpur
Graphics/Powerpoint - Eric Drumheller

Set Designer – Jamie Reigert

Stage Manager – Justin Holbein
Assistant Stage Manager – Ellie Churchill

Lighting Designers – Emily Vanek, Cole Shank
Light Board Operators – Emily Vanek, Cole Shank
    Light Crew – Sara Balter
    Electrician – Justin Holbein
    Spotlights – Reed Petelle

Sound Engineer – Werner Althaus
    Assistant Sound Engineer – Molly Thomas
    Sound Crew – Kevin Nguyen

Run/Deck Crew 
    Garret Carr, Maegan Goldenstein, 
Raymond Guern, Noah Guern, Brianna Koch, Noelle Nielsen, 
Sara Balter, Lily Lundine, Zoe Tomas, Emily Vanek 

Set Construction 
Garret Carr, Max Post van der Burg, Maegan Goldenstein, 
Raymond Guern, Noah Guern, Brianna Koch, Noelle Nielsen, 
Sara Balter, Skyler Beard, Lily Lundine, Zoe Tomas, Ellie Churchill, Kevin Nguyen, Jamie Reigert, Reed Petelle, Carson Allen, Jack Maynard

Camera Operators  – Carson Allen, Noah Guern

Make-up – Noelle Nielsen

Special Thanks to:

Theatrical Media Services of Omaha for lighting instruments and equipment.

Steve Terrell - Electronics - Lincoln Public Schools Facilities/Maintenance for his work and support of LHS Theatre Dept.

Ron Gormley - Electrician - Lincoln Public Schools Facilities/Maintenance for his work and support of the LHS Theatre Dept.



Sophie Connot
Becca Lingley
Mariah Nimmich
Jane Hirt
Randy Bretz