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Welcome to TEDxLincoln

TEDxLincoln was conceived and given life by a group of individuals interested in the exchange of challenging ideas. Our mission is to coordinate and offer live TEDx events for the sharing of ideas focused on Nebraska and heartland America. We are driven to provide an opportunity for residents of Nebraska to view and participate in national and international TED and TEDx events. TEDxLincoln is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that has received license approval and authority from the international TEDx organization. Our next main event is Friday, September 23, 2016.

TEDxLincoln 2016 will be Friday, September 23, 2016 at Kimball Recital Hall on the campus of The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We're accepting ideas from people who would like to speak until May 15. Speakers will be announced and tickets will go on sale in late June. 

TEDxLincoln News

  • A recent article by Forbes suggests that volunteering provides some pretty great benefits, including a kickstart to your career. Let’s explore the different ways that volunteering can help you succeed in your current career, or as you look for a new opportunity.

  • Breaking a bad habit will help show you that you can make positive changes for good. Plus, it’ll help you live a happier life. As provided by WebMD, here are three tips to help kick a bad habit to the curb and start living your happiest, healthiest life.

  • They say there are two types of people—those who see the glass half empty, and others who see the glass half full. Which one are you?

  • Not only can volunteering be good for the heart and soul, it can do double duty if you choose your volunteering options wisely. Check out these ways to make sure volunteering counts in more ways than one.

TEDxLincoln Speakers

Apply now to speak at TEDxLincoln 2016! Application available under the Events tab. Our next main event will be Friday, September 23, 2016. 

TEDxLincoln is sponsored by many of Lincoln's leading companies and organizations. Check our Sponsor link at the top for a listing.