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Thank you to all of the TEDxYouth@Lincoln Volunteers!

We absolutely could not create an events like TEDxLincoln, TEDxLincolnWomen, TEDxYouth@Lincoln, and TEDxLincolnSalon without hard working and dedicated volunteers. THANK YOU to everyone who help make each event possible!

Why Volunteer?

TEDxLincoln is volunteer-run. That’s right; we have no staff, every one of us is volunteering to help bring great ideas to Lincoln and Nebraska. If you’ve felt inspired when watching a TED or TEDx talk online or in person, that feeling grows when you become part of a live TEDx event. Won’t you help us drive TEDxLincoln, one of Nebraska’s premier events, by volunteering to help?

We have a variety of volunteer positions available, some leading up to the show and others on the day of the event including talent coordinator, social media coordinator, stage manager and lunch coordinator.

  • Benefits include:
  • Reduced admission price
  • Direct hand in making our event successful
  • Engage with some brilliant free-thinkers
  • Gain talent and experience
  • Get to know a talented leadership team

Interested in volunteering with TEDxLincoln? We'd love to chat with you. Contact us at



TEDxYouth@Lincoln 2018 Event Volunteers:

Program Committee:

  • Shaun Harner: Curator and Program Chair
  • Kiley Kahler: Youth Program Chair
  • Zach Wendling
  • Sophia Cox
  • Mackenzie Garrison
  • Jaeda Walter    
  • Jesse Lin
  • Jackson Mikkelson
  • Turner Thompson      
  • Emma Stratton
  • Avni Srivastav               
  • Luke Shinn

Speaker Coach Committee:

  • Patsy Koch Johns: Speaker Coach Chair    
  • Jan Bretz
  • Michelle Stewart
  • Jackson Mikkelson
  • Turner Thompson 
  • Jesse Lin   
  • Cooper Christiancy

Logistics Committee:

  • Sarah Kahler-Cooper: Logistics Chair
  • Veronica Chapman: Youth Logistics Chair
  • Lynn Nguyen
  • Mohammed Hussain
  • Mancy Phan
  • Jen Gruber
  • Emma Harner
  • Aakariti Agrawal
  • Emma Harner
  • Shannon Harner
  • Brenda Walker
  • Kate Fetterman
  • Yessi Galvan
  • Luke Shinn

Communications Committee:

  • Becca Lingley: Communications Chair
  • Mackenzie Garrison: Youth Communications Chair      
  • Olivia McCown       
  • Katie Sloan
  • Taylor Focht       
  • Jen Gruber                    

Production Committee:

  • Stage Manager/Producer - Justin Holbein
  • Randy Bretz - Co-Curator and Producer
  • Ryan Dobesh - Producer
  • Technical Director - Ben Koch
  • Molly Thomas
  • Lily Lundine
  • Alex Martin
  • Phuc Nguyen
  • Eric Lesiak
  • Loc Nguyen
  • Sydney Miller
  • Raymond Guern
  • Noah Guern
  • Zeke Williams
  • Tyler Schumacher
  • Lily Lundine
  • Olivia Haller
  • Megan Goldenstein
  • Celeste Uiterwaal
  • Cole Shank

Day of Event:

  • Ian Mitchell  
  • Elizabeth Herbin         
  • Bede Fulton           
  • Minatallah Bi           
  • Noah Wilger           
  • Barret Meeks           
  • Rodney Cruz           
  • Aaron Vrbka           
  • Reagan Winsor       
  • Tristan Nava           
  • Emma McCormick       
  • Haleigh Conard        
  • Emily Charmosta        
  • Erin Lais           
  • Lea Ann Stephenson        
  • Ashu Guru             
  • Hunter Guru            
  • Rajan Srinivasan        
  • Pujaa Rajan
  • Haleigh Conard
  • Audrey Christine
  • Christine Trinh
  • Noah Buscher
  • Greyson McCown