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Ashley Canas

Ashley Canas is 29 years old and wants to be heard. She grew up in a rural town in Nebraska called Cozad. Ashley believes that as a woman of color, raised in poverty by a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol who died at the age of 48, she can help women overcome any battle by increasing their net worth through their network. Eager to escape the oppression and lack of role models, Ashley moved out of her mother’s trailer park at the age of 16. She worked full-time while finishing her high school education, and put herself through undergraduate and graduate college earning, in 2012, a Master’s Degree in Leadership.

Ashley has been rejected and has had endless doors slammed in her face. She has even been fired for being too beautiful. Despite the shattered dreams and heartbreak, she is rising above. As women we have the power, the power to untap into our greatness, the power to lean in and be heard. The power to reach the top without a glass ceiling. She believes that the ability to pioneer change starts inside each one of us through increased awareness and strong, caring actions, and by our desire to be more. Ashley has the passion and commitment to teach women how to increase their net worth through their network.