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David Nabb

David Nabb shares his own journey with disability as the result of a stroke, and provides a discussion of the life-changing potential of musical instruments adapted for persons with disabilities. Nabb provides a demonstration of the quality of performance that can be achieved on the one-handed saxophone, equal to the performances of those on a traditional saxophone.

David Nabb is Professor of Music at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. After surviving a stroke in 2000, he worked with Jeff Stelling of Stelling Brass & Winds in Kearney, NE to develop an award-winning one-handed, toggle-key saxophone. Accolades for Nabb and Stelling's instrument include the premiere “playable” award from the One Handed Musical Instrument Trust’s 2013 competition, as well as awards from VSA, NAPBIRT, and NAMM at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.