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Wyn Wiley

NAME: Wyn Wiley

CITY, STATE: Lincoln, NE

TOPIC: Self Discovery

Meet TEDxYouth@Lincoln speaker Wyn Wiley! When Wyn was 5, he wanted to be a professional chicken nugget eater. If Joey Chestnut can hold the title of professional competitive hot dog eater, why couldn’t Wyn follow his dreams? As Wyn grew up, he became fascinated by the journey to realize talents, passions, and cares about the world, and now he’s sharing his secret to self-discovery.

During his talk, Wyn will speak about self-discovery and the role that care plays in identifying passions. One person that has impacted Wyn is his friend Ashley Parsons. He “loves the way she looks at the world and the art she makes because of the way she impacts people.”

Join Wyn and many other fascinating speakers on Saturday, August 11, at TEDxYouth@Lincoln, hosted at Lincoln High School. Buy your tickets today!